Anthony Ironeyes

Independent Farmer not originally from Woodland Park


Anthony is of Native American ancestry and stands 5’ 10". He is thin but with well defined muscles due to years of farm work. He wears coveralls that have been patched and sown over most of the garment.


p.Anthony grew up in the shadow of Chi-town, with the hopes of one day being able to live in what is considered one of the safest cities on the planet. Being human, Anthony had hopes that he would be allowed into the city, but like so many others he didn’t make it in due to not having any desired skills. Being born blind in his left eye also made him ineligible for military service. Anthony lived most of his early life running odd jobs but took a colonization offer when it came up.
p. The Coalition States government planned for westward expansion early in its formation, meeting with disastrous results. The CS reached all the way into the middle former state of Colorado, before it realized it had stretched too far. The supply lines broke after several devastating raids on the poorly secured convoys. Anthony had had made it all the way to Woodland Park to start his new life as a farmer among the residents when contact had been lost with CS outpost at North Platte, Nebraska.
p. It has been 10 years since Anthony has had contact with the CS. His views on DeeBees has changed, making him no longer Xenophobic. He also has no ill will with the CS and will greets CS troops warmly. Anthony has done well for himself on his farm. He has never married, though he has a lady friend.
p. Anthony is concerned about the recent development of the Blight and its proximity in time with the appointment of Jacob Gadarenes as mayor. Anthony does not think Jacob is the cause of the Blight, but he is disturbed by the coincidence.

Anthony Ironeyes

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